I dont need a girl anymore.

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I have been alone for 26 years without a single girl. 

But Im healthy like this happy like this and nothing is

matter at all. 


There was a time when i was obessed with a girl before. And it made me depressed back then. 

No greed for sex. No gain any pain.

Thats what im talking about now.


Dont lead you to sadness by yourself.

Do you think you are that foolish ?


Dont be deceived by hormones for sex. 

You are the honorus human kind and you gotta stand when they hit you. Thats what makes human special compared to the other species. 



I know many of you are used to hearing about Sir Issac Newton. I have had talked about him here. Im not gonna say about him today. But you must know about it already by heart.


Take his willingness. Take his philosophy.


And help me decide what to eat for lunch.

---->>>> ㅇ_ㅇ



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  • Migarak
  • @교활한 함박꽃나무
    2019.5.2 11:45
  • @까다로운 복숭아나무
    2019.5.2 11:52
    Takes one to know one.
  • 불쌍..안쓰럽
  • 문법은 좀 제대로 쓰고 적읍시다
  • 영어 못하네ㅠ
  • You're poop at grammer LoL

    Pool》Poop :P
  • @즐거운 산박하
    2019.5.2 22:12
    Sorry i couldnt find where i was wrong. May you tell me?
  • @즐거운 산박하
    2019.5.2 22:17
    Oh gosh by the way man... it's not pool man. But poor. Were you trying to tell that i was bad in grammer? Inspite of the fact that you dont even know how to write an easy word?
  • @즐거운 산박하
    2019.5.6 14:45
    No. you definitely tried to write "poor". I bet. You just forgot that word. How embarrassing huh?
    And it is hard to see native speakers say "you are poop at something" kind of things.

    But i do understand you to some extent. I just realized i wrote "world" and what i wanted to write was "word". We are Koreans it is natural that we make some minor mistakes in English

    Btw so which part are you talking about for my grammer
  • ㅋㅋ 엄청 한국인스러운 작문이다 ㅎㅎ 공교육 착실히 받으신듯
  • You don't need girls.
    But you do need one true love.
  • 기본적인 문법을 안지켜주노;
  • @깔끔한 자리공
    2019.5.5 20:04
    Which part are you talking about?
  • @글쓴이
    nothing is matter 보고 바로 스크롤 내렸다 ㅉㅉ
  • @깔끔한 자리공
    2019.5.6 16:29
    Oh gosh.. you just decided to think that my english is so bad just because i didnt write "the" in the one sentence? Yes loser whatever.
  • @글쓴이
    아 병싄새ㄲ... 한 문장에 동사 두 개인데 짚어줘도 모르죠? 그러면서 루저 왓에붤~~~ ㅇㅈㄹㅋㅋ
  • @깔끔한 자리공
    2019.5.6 22:56
    "Matter" can be used for noun you low intelligence.
    All what you know is just like "doesn't matter" thing. And you don't even seem to understand what im talking about. Who stupid thinks that is a verb in that situation?
    It happend because you're labouring under the delusion that you are smarter than the other people when you are far worse than them. And why dont you speak in english if you think you are better than me.
  • @글쓴이
    그게 명사로 쓰일 수 있다는 거 누가 모르냐? 지가 관사 안붙여놓고 low intelligence ㅇㅈㄹ. 지적안했으면 the 없다는 거 눈치도 못깠을 놈이 뭐 잘났다고 영어로 자꾸 씨부림?
  • @깔끔한 자리공
    2019.5.8 01:30
    Why didnt you write that in english ^^?
    dont you know how to do that?
    I guess you are talking about youself now.
    It is pretty obvious actually.
    Who the stupid thinks like "oh, this guy made two verbs in the one sentence! Im sure he is wrong!" when he see "nothing is matter" ?
    Probably the one who has not seen something like "nothing is the matter" seems to do.
  • @글쓴이
    영어로 어그로 끄는 니 글에 장단맞춰줄 필요가 있음? 영어로 여기다 대고 끄적이면 우월하다고 생각하는 모양인데 그런 천박한 생각이나 먼저 어떻게 좀 해보셈
  • @깔끔한 자리공
    2019.5.8 04:41
    Dude, seriously? That's why you are so mad like this. I suppose you have a kind of delusional disorder from your low confidence man... and if im trying to get some attention by doing this you are already one of them who give me their attention.

    But what you said is true to some extent.
    Everyone who writes something on here wants some attention And I know I can get that more by doing this.
    But It's not that i feel pride from it and truthfully i dont think i am more developed than you guys. As you noticed my english is just mediocre. Im just learning English in these days and trying to use it as much as i can. Esp when i use what i learnt, it really helps me form long-term memory a lot.
  • @글쓴이
    응 빠른 인정 보기좋네ㅇㅇ 계속 여기서 작문 연습하시길
  • Little shit for your every sentence kkk:)
  • @착실한 바위채송화
    2019.5.6 09:09
    I dont think so. Look at how juvenile you are.
    Just pretending to be a foreinger doesnt make you a kind of smart. And that is nothing to be proud of
  • @글쓴이
    Doesn’t make sense.
  • @착실한 바위채송화
    2019.5.6 14:38
    Why do you think that doesnt make sense.
  • You’d already know yourself how much it is.
    You r gonna be good probably but now it ain’t.
    Too formal, Too old, Too loose like a Google translator for your every sentence.
    you wanna be textbook name is ‘Hello! Grammar!’ ?
  • @착실한 바위채송화
    2019.5.6 22:30
    How much it is ? Are you tring to purchase something at a shop? Oh gosh.
    You gonna? No. you "are" gonna is right you stupid deep ass. "Are" you wanna ???
    "Do" you wanna is right you dumb ass.
    Be textbook? Be a or the textbook is better you poor guy. Textbook name is? Textbook, the name of it is- sound better.
    I just realized how bad you are in english.
    And how useless to talk with you. Your english is like 2years old baby's.
  • @글쓴이
    Why does this happen to me T_T..
    That is the point that you totally ain’t funny.
    Too formal, Too old, Too loose like a textbook.
    Is here exam place? Don’t you wanna talk?
    Go your high-school and then raise up your hand. “Teacher. I’m absolutely good at English Grammar!!!”
    Probably You’re gonna get a ‘Good’ stamp.
    But the nobody want with you.
    Nobody want with ‘Google Translator’.
    You are just slave of many kind of Translator.
    Too shame, Too pity, Toooo fucked up.
    Looks like a ‘IL’ of OPIc. Pityyyy...
  • @착실한 바위채송화
    2019.5.7 01:23
    I do understand what you wrote now but you said that my sentence doesnt make sense abvoe there. I think what you are saying is something that doesnt make sense more.
    It happened because you said my english is shit.

    Im also not a kind of person who is obessed with a grammer thing. And that doesnt have anything to do with a funny talk.
    Do you think someone cannot make a funny talk because they follow all grammer rules?
    Why would i make you laugh? Who do you think i am ? Im not your personal comeidian. And What are you? Are you a person who always have to say funny things to live? Are you a person who always make people laugh when you are talking to them? I guess Maybe you are Because your baby-like english almost made me laugh. Huh~?

    And you dont even seem to know the difference between the english in a textbook and the english native speaks say
  • @글쓴이
    Don’t even... little shit....
    Too long, Too complicated, Too korean.
    Don’t wanna read it.
    You are just totally perfect output of traditional korean education! Congratulations dude.
    What’s more, plz zip it.
  • @착실한 바위채송화
    2019.5.7 11:09
    You are totally not like a native. dude. I cant get you why do you think you are like a native man. You are poor. So poor that i can't stand to see you speaking stupid things anymore.
    And Im sure you definitely dont have any foreign friends. If you have one that person would think you are learning english for showing off when you dont know about any basic things. You are like a foreigner who says like, 밥 점심 나 먹었써. and thinks himself "oh, i was just really like korean!".
    Too stupid, too juvenile. thinking you are like a native speaker. Thats the biggest deliusion you gotta manage to realize. Your english is poor and totally not like a native again. Again. You are not like a foreigner at all. You're just like an alien for them.
  • @착실한 바위채송화
    you two 글쓴이 and 착실한바위채송화 are so cute!
  • I think you know many usage of english. but it's not like native. so if you trim a little and focused on listening native speaker's conversation more, your english would change for the perfect !
  • @저렴한 털진달래
    2019.5.6 14:18
    What's like native thing? I can't get it. Some people here are claimimg that my english is not like native and grammer is wrong. But I'm still suspicious of them. Do they really think they can find a difference between native and non native things? Or do they really think English they speak and write is like native ? And do you think your english is like native?

    If they saw what you wrote they're gonna talk about your "focused" seriously and react like your english is totally bad just because you made a mistake in few words. But i think thats not a big deal at all.
  • @글쓴이
    Yes. you are right. Language is all about communication. there's no problem in conveying an intention or meaning. I totally aree with you.
  • @저렴한 털진달래
    2019.5.6 17:46
    Yes have a good day
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